Noam Chomsky Reading List


  • The Black Man’s Burden: Africa and the Curse of the Nation-State by Basil Davidson
  • Qaddafi and the United States Since 1969 by Edward P. Haley


  • Anarchism by Daniel Guerin
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice by Rudolf Rocker
  • Bakunin on Anarchy: Selected Works by the Activist-Founder of World Anarchism edited by Sam Dolgoff
  • Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism by Peter H. Marshall
  • Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell
  • Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution by Peter Kropotkin


  • Asia’s Next Giant: South Korea and Late Industrialization by Alice Amsden
  • Cambodia: 1975-1982 by Michael Vickery
  • The Case of General Yamashita by A. Frank Reel
  • Forty Days with the Enemy by Richard Dudman
  • Genocide and Democracy in Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge, the United Nations and the International Community edited by Ben Kiernan
  • Governing the Market: Economic Theory and the Role of Government in East Asian Industrialization by Robert Wade
  • Kampuchea: Decade of the Genocide edited by Kimmo Kiljunen
  • The Origins of the Korean War Vol I. & II by Bruce Cumings
  • The Pacific Alliance: United States Foreign Economic Policy and Japanese Trade Recovery, 1947-1955 by William Borden
  • The Pol Pot Regime: Race, Power, and Genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-79 by Ben Kiernan
  • Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia by William Shawcross
  • Victor’s Justice: the Tokyo War Crimes Trial by Richard M. Minnear

Arms Control

  • Politics and Force Levels: The Strategic Missile Program of the Kennedy Administration by Desmond Ball
  • Wizards of Armageddon by Fred Kaplan

Central America

  • The Battle for Guatemala: Rebels, Death Squads, and U.S. Power by Susanne Jonas
  • Bitter Fruit: The Story of the American Coup in Guatemala by Stephen Schlesinger and Stephen Kinzer
  • The Chronology: The Documented Day-by-Day Account of the Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Contras by Scott Armstrong et al.
  • The C.I.A. in Guatemala: The Foreign Policy of Intervention by Richard H. Immerman
  • Coffee and Democracy in Modern Costa Rica by Anthony Winson
  • Contra Terror in Nicaragua — Report of a Fact-finding Mission: September 1984-January 1985 by Reed Brody
  • El Salvador: A Revolution Confronts the United States by Cynthia Arnson
  • Export Agriculture and the Crisis in Central America by Robert Williams
  • Grenada: An Eyewitness Account of the U.S. Invasion and the Caribbean History That Provoked It by Hugh O’Shaughnessy
  • Grenada: Revolution in Reverse by James Ferguson
  • The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era by Jonathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane Hunter
  • Mask of Democracy: Labor Suppression in Mexico Today by Dan La Botz
  • Nicaragua: The First Five Years edited by Thomas Walker
  • Nicaragua: The Threat of a Good Example? by Dianna Melrose
  • Out of Control: The Story of the Reagan Administration’s Secret War in Nicaragua, The Illegal Arms Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connection by Leslie Cockburn
  • The Reagan Administration and Nicaragua: How Washington Constructs Its Case for Counterrevolution in Central America by Morris Morley and James Petras
  • Reagan versus the Sandinistas: The Undeclared War on Nicaragua edited by Thomas Walker
  • Shattered Hope: The Guatemalan Revolution and the United States by Piero Gleijeses
  • Under the Eagle: U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Caribbean by Jenny Pearce
  • Trouble in our Backyard: Central America and the United States in the Eighties edited by Mark Diskin
  • Weakness and Deceit: U.S. Policy and El Salvador by Raymond Bonner
  • What Difference Could a Revolution Make?: Food and Farming in the New Nicaragua by Joseph Collins et al.
  • Witness to Genocide: The Present Situation of Indians in Guatemala by Craig W. Nelson and Kenneth I. Taylor

Cold War

  • America’s Secret War Against Bolshevism: U.S. Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920 by David S. Fogelsang
  • Beyond The Cold War: Conflict and Cooperation In the Third World edited by George W. Breslauer, Harry Kreisler and Benjamin Ward
  • Corporations and the Cold War edited by David Horowitz
  • Détente and Confrontation: American-Soviet Relations from Nixon to Reagan by Raymond L. Garthoff
  • Hostile Acts: U.S. Policy in Costa Rica in the 1980s by Martha Honey
  • Inside the League: The Shocking Exposé of How Terrorists, Nazis, and Latin American Death Squads Have Infiltrated the World Anti-Communist League by Scott Anderson and John Lee Anderson
  • No Ivory Tower: McCarthyism and the Universities by Ellen Schrecker
  • A Preponderance of Power: National Security, the Truman Administration, and the Cold War by Melvyn Leffler
  • The Press and the Cold War by James Aronson
  • Reflections on the Cuban Missile Crisis by Raymond L Garthoff
  • Shootdown: Flight 007 and the American Connection by R.W. Johnson
  • “The Target Is Destroyed”: What Really Happened to Flight 007 and What America Knew About It by Seymour M. Hersh
  • The Truman Doctrine and the Origins of McCarthyism: Foreign Policy, Domestic Politics, and Internal Security, 1946-1948 by Richard M. Freeland
  • Washington’s China: The National Security World, the Cold War, And the Origins of Globalism by James Peck


  • The Fish is Red: The Story of The Secret War Against Castro by Warren Hinckle and William Turner
  • Imperial State and Revolution: The United States and Cuba, 1952-1986 by Morris H. Morley


  • The Enchanted Glass: Britain and its Monarchy by Tom Nairn
  • The Horrors of the Half-Known Life: Male Attitudes Toward Women and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century America by G.J. Barker-Benfield
  • Inventors of the Promised Land by Lawrence Friedman
  • On Active Service in War and Peace: Politics and Ideology in the American Historical Profession by Jesse Lemisch
  • The People’s Religion: American Faith in the 90’s by George Gallup Jr. and Jim Castelli

Domestic Policy

  • Democracy and the Welfare State by edited by Amy Gutman
  • The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure by Juliet B. Schor
  • The Motorization of American Cities by David J. St. Clair
  • The State of Working America (Annual)
  • Take The Rich Off Welfare by Mark Zepezauer and Arthur Naiman

Drug Policy

  • White-Out: The C.I.A., Drugs and the Press by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair


  • The ABCs of Political Economy by Robert Hahnel
  • Accumulation and Power: An Economic History of the United States by Richard B. DuBoff
  • Bad Smaritans by Ha-Joon Chang
  • Business Organization and the Myth of the Market Economy by William Lazonick
  • Business as a System of Power by Robert A. Brady
  • Capitalism and Its Economics: A Critical History by Douglas F. Dowd
  • The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan
  • Corporate Control, Corporate Power by Edward S. Herman
  • The Economy of Death by Richard Barnet
  • The Great Deficit Scares: The Federal Budget, Trade, and Social Security by Robert Eisner
  • The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America 1815-1846 by Charles Sellers
  • New Ways Of Knowing: The Sciences, Society, and Reconstructive Knowledge by Marcus G. Raskin and Herbert J. Bernstein
  • Political Economy and Laissez-Faire: Economics and Ideology in the Ricardan Era by Rajani Kannepalli Kanth
  • Wall Street: How It Works and for Whom by Doug Henwood
  • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith


  • The American School, 1642-1985: Varieties of Historical Interpretation and the Foundations and Development of American Education by Joel Spring
  • Education and the Rise of the Corporate State by Joel Spring
  • The Irony of Early School Reform by Michael Katz
  • Schooling in Capitalist America: Educational Reform and the Contradictions of Economic Life by Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
  • The Social Ideas of American Educators by Merle Curti


  • Global Spin: The Corporate Assault On Environmentalism by Sharon Beder
  • The Heat Is On: The High Stakes Battle over Earth’s Threatened Climate by Ross Gelbspan


  • Moral Minds: The Nature of Right and Wrong by Marc D. Hauser
  • No Contest: The Case Against Competition by Alfie Kohn


  • The Age of Surveillance: The Aims and Methods of America’s Political Intelligence System by Frank J. Donner
  • Agents of Repression: The F.B.I.’s Secret Wars on the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement by Ward Churchill and James Vander Wall
  • Break-ins, Death Threats, and the F.B.I.: The Covert War Against the Central America Movement by Ross Gelbspan
  • COINTELPRO: The F.B.I.’s Secret War on Political Freedom by Nelson Blackstock
  • The COINTELPRO Papers: Documents from the F.B.I.’s Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall
  • The Lawless State: The Crimes of U.S. Intelligence Agencies by Morton H. Halpern et al.
  • Political Repression in Modern America, From 1870 to the Present by Robert J. Goldstein
  • Spying On America: The F.B.I.’s Domestic Counterintelligence Program by James Kirkpatrick Davis
  • War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It by Brian Glick


  • America by Design: Science, Technology, and the Rise of Corporate Capitalism by David F. Noble
  • Bad Samaritans by Ha-Joon Chang
  • Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective: A Book of Essays by Alexander Gerschenkron
  • Economics and World History: Myths and Paradoxes by Paul Bairoch
  • Economic Liberalism and Underdevelopment: Studies in the Disintegration of an Idea by Frederick Clairmonte
  • Forces of Production: A Social History of Industrial Automation by David F. Noble
  • Global Rift: The Third World Comes of Age by L.S. Stavrianos
  • Hope and Folly: The United States and U.N.E.S.C.O., 1945-1985 by William Preston, Edward S. Herman, and Herbert I. Schiller
  • The Irish Economy in a Comparative Institutional Perspective by Lars Mjøset
  • The Logic of International Restructuring by Winfried Ruigrock and Rob Van Tulder
  • Long-Term Factors in American Economic Growth edited by Stanley L. Engerman and Robert E. Gallman
  • North American Trade As If Democracy Mattered: What’s Wrong with N.A.F.T.A. and What Are the Alternatives? by Ian Robinson
  • Pathways From the Periphery: The Politics of Growth in the Newly Industrializing Countries by Stephen Haggard
  • Targeting the Computer: Government Support and International Competition by Kenneth Flamm
  • Who’s Bashing Whom?: Trade Conflict in High-Technology Industries by Laura D’Andrea Tyson


  • The American Revolution: Explorations in the History of American Radicalism edited by Alfred Young
  • The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control, 1917 to 1921 by Maurice Brinton
  • Britain’s First Socialists: The Levellers, Agitators, and Diggers of the English Revolution by Fenner Brockway
  • The End of Empire by John Strachey
  • The Forging of the Union: 1781-1789 by Richard B. Morris
  • The Great Irish Famine by Cormac ó Gráda
  • The Invasion of America: Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest by Francis Jennings
  • Ireland before and after the Famine: Explorations in economic history, 1800-1925  by Cormac ó Gráda
  • The Loyalists in the American Revolution by Claude Halstead Van Tyne
  • Main Currents in American History by Gabriel Kolko
  • Manifest Design: Anxious Aggrandizement in Late Jacksonian America by Thomas R. Hietala
  • A People’s History of the United States: 1492-Present by Howard Zinn
  • Secret History of the American Revolution by Carl Van Doren
  • The Unknown Revolution, 1917-1921 by Voline
  • The World Turned Upside Down: Radical Ideas during the English Revolution by Christopher Hill

Israel/Palestine Conflict

  • The Absence of Peace: Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Nicholas Guyatt
  • Blaming the Victims: Spurious Scholarship and the Palestinian Question edited by Christopher Hitchens and Edward Said
  • The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by Norman G. Finkelstein
  • Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict by Norman G. Finkelstein
  • The Israeli Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi
  • Israeli Foreign Policy: South Africa and Central America by Jane Hunter
  • My Home, My Prison by Raymonda Hawa Tawil
  • The Rise and Fall of Palestine: A Personal Account of the Intifada Years by Norman G. Finkelstein
  • The Third Way: A Journal of Life in the West Bank by Raja Shehadeh
  • The West Bank Story by Rafik Halabi


  • After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness? by Jonathan C. Randal


  • The Fall of the House of Labor by David Montgomery
  • The Industrial Worker: 1840-1860 by Norman Ware
  • Made in America: Regaining the Productive Edge by Michael L. Dertouzos, Richard K. Lester et al.
  • Military Enterprise and Technological Change: Perspectives on the American Experience edited by Merrit Roe Smith
  • Profits Without Production by Seymour Melman
  • Progress Without People: In Defense of Luddism by David F. Noble
  • Strike! by Jeremy Brecher

Latin America

  • Bordering on Trouble: Resources and Politics in Latin America edited by Andrew Maguire and Janet W. Brown
  • Brazil and the Quiet Intervention by Phylis Parker
  • The Containment of Latin America: A history of the myths and realities of the Good Neighbor Policy by David Green
  • Exporting Democracy: The United States and Latin America edited by Abraham F. Lowenthal
  • Human Rights and United States Policy toward Latin America by Lars Schoultz
  • The Lessons of Chile: The Chilean Coup and the Future of Socialism edited by John Gittings
  • The Politics of Military Rule in Brazil, 1964-85 by Thomas Skidmore
  • Requiem for Revolution: The United States and Brazil, 1961-1969 by Ruth Leacock
  • The United States and Chile: Imperialism and the Overthrow of the Allende Government by James Petras and Morris Morley
  • United States Penetration of Brazil by Jan Knippers Black


  • The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials: A Personal Memoir by Telford Taylor
  • A Worthy Tradition: Freedom of Speech in America by Harry Kalven Jr.
  • Former Secrets: Government Records Made Public Through the Freedom of Information Act by Evan Hendricks
  • Freedom Under Fire: U.S. Civil Liberties in Times of War by Michael Linfield
  • The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique edited by David Kairys
  • The Transformation of American Law, Vol I. & II by Morton Horwitz


  • Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman
  • Beyond Hypocrisy: Decoding the News in an Age of Propaganda by Edward S. Herman
  • The British Press: a Manifesto edited by James Curran
  • Communicating Politics: Mass communications and the political process edited by Peter Golding, Graham Murdock, and Philip Schlesinger
  • The Daily Newspaper in America: The Evolution of a Social Instrument by Alfred McClung Lee
  • Deadline for the Media: Today’s Challenges to Press, T.V. and Radio by James Aronson
  • Emergence of a Free Press by Leonard W. Levy
  • Fooling America: How Washington Insiders Twist the Truth and Manufacture the Conventional Wisdom by Robert Parry
  • The Geopolitics of Information: How Western Culture Dominates the World by Anthony Smith
  • Inventing Reality: The Politics of the Mass Media by Michael Parenti
  • The International News Services by Jonathan Fenby
  • Jefferson and Civil Liberties: the Darker Side by Leonard W. Levy
  • Manipulating Public Opinion: Essays on Public Opinion as a Dependent Variable edited by Michael Margolis and Gary A. Mauser
  • The Media Monopoly by Ben H. Bagdikian
  • Power Without Responsibility: The Press and Broadcasting in Britain by James Curran and Jean Seaton
  • PR! A Social History of Spin by Stuart Ewen
  • The Press and the Cold War by James Aronson
  • Propaganda by Edward L. Bernays
  • Public Relations by Edward L. Bernays
  • The Rational Public: Fifty Years of Trends in Americans’ Policy Preferences by Benjamin I. Page and Robert Y. Shapiro
  • Selling Free Enterprise: The Business Assault on Labor and Liberalism 1945-1960 by Elizabeth A. Fones-Wolf
  • The Sponsor: Notes on a Modern Potentate by Erik Barnouw
  • Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology by Neil Postman
  • Toxic Sludge Is Good For You!: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry by John C. Stauber and Sheldon Rampton
  • Unreliable Sources: A Guide to Detecting Bias in News Media by Martin A. Lee and Norman Soloman

Middle East

  • Countercoup: The Struggle for the Control of Iran by Kermit Roosevelt
  • The Eagle and the Lion: The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations by Bill A. James
  • Egypt in the Reign of Muhammad Ali by Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot
  • The Fire This Time: U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf by Ramsey Clark
  • The Iranian Triangle: The Untold Story of Israel’s Role in the Iran-Contra Affair by Samuel Segev
  • The U.S. Press and Iran: Foreign Policy and the Journalism of Deference by William A. Dorman and Mansour Farhang


  • A Discourse on the Origins of Inequality by Jean-Jacques Rousseau 
  • Herodotus: A New and Literal Version
  • Limits of State Action by Wilhelm von Humboldt
  • Main Currents of Marxism: Its Rise, Growth, and Dissolution by Leszek Kolakowski


  • The Real Terror Network: Terrorism in Fact and Propaganda by Edward S. Herman
  • Terrorism and the State: A Critique of Domination Through Fear by William D. Perdue
  • The “Terrorism” Industry: The Experts and Institutions That Shape Our View of Terror by Edward S. Herman and Gerry O’Sullivan
  • Western State Terrorism edited by Alexander George


  • After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness? by Jonathan C. Randal

US Foreign Policy

  • The American Occupation of Japan: The Origins of the Cold War in Asia by Michael Schaller
  • Confronting the Third World: United States Foreign Policy, 1945-1980 by Gabriel Kolko
  • Demonstration Elections: U.S.-Staged Elections in the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and El Salvador by Edward S. Herman and Frank Brodhead
  • Endless Enemies: The Making of an Unfriendly World by Jonathan Kwitney
  • Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948: A Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation by Frank Kofsky
  • Hidden Terrors by A.J. Langguth
  • Human rights fifty years on: A reappraisal edited by Tony Evans
  • In Search of Enemies: A C.I.A. Story by John Stockwell
  • Inequity and Intervention: The Federal Budget and Central America by Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers
  • Inevitable Revolutions: The United States in Central America by Walter LaFeber
  • The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era by Jonathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane Hunter
  • Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions since World War II by William Blum
  • Reagan and the World: Imperial Policy in the New Cold War by Jeff McMahan
  • Subversion as Foreign Policy: The Secret Eisenhower and Dulles Debacle in Indonesia by Audrey R. and George McT. Kahin
  • Thank God They’re On Our Side: The United States and Right-Wing Dictatorships by David F. Schmitz
  • Under the Eagle: U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Caribbean by Jenny Pearce
  • War Without Mercy: Race & Power in the Pacific War by John W. Dower

US Politics

  • Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics by Paul Street
  • Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems by Thoms Ferguson
  • The Hidden Election edited by Thomas Ferguson and Joel Rogers
  • On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency by Mark Hertsgaard
  • On Democracy: Toward a Transformation of American Society by Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers
  • Right Turn: The Decline of the Democrats and the Future of American Politics by Thomas Ferguson and Joel Rogers
  • Rules of the Game: American Politics and the Central America Movement by Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers
  • There He Goes Again: Ronald Reagan’s Reign of Error by Mark Green and Gail MacColl
  • The Triumph of Politics: How the Reagan Revolution Failed by David A. Stockman
  • Uneasy Partners: Big Business in American Politics, 1945-1990 by Kim McQuaid
  • Washington Babylon by Alexander Cockburn and Ken Silverstein


  • Abuse of Power by Theodore Draper
  • Against the Crime of Silence: Proceedings of the Russell International War Crimes Tribunal edited by John Duffett
  • Atrocities in Vietnam: Myths and Realities by Edward S. Herman
  • Brother Enemy: The War after the War; A History of Indochina Since the Fall of Saigon by Nayan Chanda
  • Cover-up: The Army’s Secret Investigation of the Massacre at My Lai 4 by Seymour M. Hersh
  • Harvest of Death: Chemical Warfare In Vietnam and Cambodia by J.B. Neiland et al
  • Intervention: How America Became Involved in Vietnam by George Kahin
  • Kennedy’s Quest for Victory: American Foreign Policy, 1961-1963 edited by Thomas Paterson
  • The Lost Crusade: America in Vietnam by Chester Cooper
  • The Military Half: An Account of Destruction in Quang Ngai and Quang Tin by Jonathan Schell
  • Nuremberg and Vietnam: an American Tragedy by Telford Taylor
  • The Pentagon Papers: The Defense Department History of United States Decisionmaking on Vietnam, Senator Gravel Edition
  • The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine
  • Soldiers in Revolt: The American Military Today by David Cortright
  • War Crimes in Vietnam by Bertrand Russell

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